about M.E.

Emilio Mordini  currently lives between Italy and France. He is a leading keynote speakers,  and has extensively published in academic peer reviewed publications and edited various books. He chairs Responsible Technology, a Paris based consultancy devoted to Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and anticipatory governance. Emilio is Associate Researcher at the Haifa University Health and Risk Communication Center and Academic Supervisor at the Certificate of Advanced Studies “Biometrics & Privacy” – Universitäre Fernstudien Schweiz.  He serves in a number of scientific and editorial boards and is Associate Editor of Bioethics. 

By background, he is  an MD (Rome University “La Sapienza”) and an MA Phil.  (Pontifical University S.Thoma). He has been trained as a psychoanalyst and has practiced for more than 30 years. He was partner of the Psychoanalytic Institute for Social Research (1986-01). He taught bioethics in the Medical School of the University “La Sapienza” (1994-05) and served as a member (1996-04) and  scientific secretary (2000-03) of the Bioethical Commission of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). He founded and directed (2002-13) the Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship (CSSC).

Emilio  has participated (as either a partner or a scientific coordinator) in 32 international collaborative projects funded by the European Commission in various disciplinary areas, including Science & Society, ICT, Health, and Security. He has served as a project evaluator and reviewer for the European Commission in more than 40 panels. 





Emilio Mordini